May 25, 2005

Today's lesson

You hear: "Mommeeee! Putt-in eye en bapf! Putt-in en bapftupp! Hewoah! Hewhoa ittle ke-ey! Hewhoa!"

Literal translation: "Mommy! Punkin lay in bath! Punkin in bathtub! Hello! Hello little kitty! Hello!"

Means: "Mother! Our feline domesticus, whom we have dubbed, 'Punkin', is reclining in the garden tub of your master bath! Yes, it's true, Punkin is lying in the bathtub! Greetings! Greetings small feline! Greetings!"


Sara said...

Steph, that is just too funny! Both about the cat...and the "translations" necessary for full understanding.

Airelee said...

Too cute---I love your posts!