Nov 9, 2011

Virginia: More than a state

In the shower this evening, Clairey looks at me and asks, "Mom, is a peachie [what we call 'girl' parts] really called a 'Vir-ZHEN-ia'?" And, because i'm an excellent mother and lie to my children often, I said yes. She looked concerned for a moment.

"Virzhenia, eh? Hmmm...I always thought that was a state."

"It IS a state," I said. Of course, I had to turn my face into the shower because I was trying so hard to keep a straight face.

Still concerned, she says, "Wow, that really stinks for the people that live there."

Then, piping up from the other room, comes Jenna's voice: "It's not a 'vir-ZHEN-ia! It's a 'vir-zhEYEn-ia'!" Yeah, I didn't correct that one either.

Vagina, Virginia, Virzhenia,Virzheyenia--it's all the same. And, according to Clairey, "You can hurt Virzhenia by littering--so don't litter. Oh, and you can hurt your virzhenia, too--like if you fall off your bike or something."

So take note people--don't litter, and don't fall off your bike.