Oct 31, 2008

Jessie and Jasmine--Happy Halloween!

Here they are: Jessie and Jasmine!
Check out the belly on the wee one; yeah, she's well-fed. ;) I had a close-up of Jen's face, but her eyes were closed!

Here they are: Jessie and Jasmine! Check out the belly on the wee one; yeah, she's well-fed. ;) I had a close-up of Jen's face, but her eyes were closed!

Oct 21, 2008

Hi, it's me!

Hi! Look, it's me! I'm back! Because i know there were thousands upon thousands of you missing me!

Here I am to recap this past weekend. Which was fun! And more fun! and then some...

Saturday, me and the chicks get up and go to the spa to get manis and pedis. Jenna was funny--she sat there really still, whilst the vibrating chair "shook her like a dog!" (to borrow from Monsters, Inc.). Her little head was just bouncing all over the place while the little Asian lady rubbed her feet. I asked her if she wanted it turned off, but she declined. Silly girl.

Clairey, on the other hand, was freaking hilarious. She was too small for her feet to reach into the tub, so they stacked pillows. When they started the massage part, she practically reclined in the chair.


Sorry 'bout the crappiness of the pic. It was my cell phone, and i too, was vibrating. Note the bewildered look of the blonde Asian. I'm not sure if it was because i was taking a picture, or if she realized that she didn't want a picture of herself taken because...well..blonde Asians look kinda strange.

Then the girls got manicures. Again, Clairey looked funny. Here she is, with her hands under the UV light:

The kid can hardly see over the top. Always entertaining.

Then, in a last-minute decision, we pulled into a random salon to get our hair trimmed. It's a chain, and i thought, "Eh, what the hell...it's just a TRIM...how can they screw that up?" Last words of a fool, I tell ya. I'll touch more on that later. All i'm saying, is that when the lady said, "Do jew wan me to straighten chur hair?" I should have said, "Yes, please do. I'd like to see what damage an untrained Mexican with scissors can do." (No offense to well-trained Mexican women with scissors.)

We ran home, got pretty, met Gamma, and went to see an adorable musical put on by the Vidal children's theatre: "Pinkalicious." It was really cute, and i have never seen so many little girls all wearing pink. Super precious, really. We then went over to a little Italian place and had dinner, then to a bakery for dessert. Then, finally, home, where the chicks took off all their clothes and spent the rest of the evening running around in their panties, which is normal in this house.

Now that i look back over the day, this was also a fine lesson in different cultures: Asian, Mexican, and Italian, all in one day. My children are so global.

Sunday we awoke, and I made biscuits and eggs. I'm a real Betty Crocker, people. Had a few cups of eggnog coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, and headed out to the annual "Zoo Boo." The Houston Zoo decorates the place up and hands out tooth-rotting paraphernalia to the children. Gotta take part in that! The chicks slapped on thier cheetah/tiger ears from a few Halloween's ago, and i painted their noses. They were too cute.

Exhibit hall:

We had a really nice time. Has anyone else ever noticed how the zoo is the perfect people-watching place? Holy cowzers, I have NEVER seen so many fat kids! It looked like a bunch of little stuffed sausages running around in costumes. Sickening, i tell ya. But I digress.

That night, the girls were begging to sleep with each other. I told them "no," REPEATEDLY. They're only allowed to sleep over in each others' rooms on non-school nights. When i went to bed that night, I leaned over to kiss Jen, and noticed she had two heads. Clairey was in there with her, and they were snuggled all up together like little puppies. How can you get mad at that? I just kissed them and went to bed.

NOW, back to the haircuts/trims: So, I'm getting ready to go to the musical and I think, "I'm going to straighten my hair." So, i dig out the damn hair-straightener thingy (you can tell i do this on a regular basis, eh?), and plug it in. I straighten my hair, which takes frickin forever, and notice that my hair is REALLY crooked. Crooked as in, here's a chunk of hair that's a good inch and a half longer than the rest of my hair. Seriously, people. So, i had to get my hair wet and left it all wavy, wherein you couldn't really see the unevenness. Yesterday, I ran up to my normal hair-cutting establishment, and they fixed it--had to cut off another inch just to even up the back. Now my hair, which i have been trying to grow out (and believe me, I HATE growing out my hair), is short again. I also had to have Jenna's retrimmed, wherein the lady had to cut off nearly TWO INCHES to straighten Jen's!! I was so pissed. We've been growing out Jenna's hair forever, and it was just getting long, and now it's above her shoulders. UGH!!!

Jolie at "Texas Hair Cutting Team," YOU SUCK. I hope your next torta gives you diarreah.