May 23, 2006

The letter game

I have been dubbed with the letter "C," which means I must list 10 words that begin with said letter, and briefly explain why I chose that word. So, here we go:

1. Corona: Boy, I would like to be sitting in the hot sun in...
2. Cozumel: ...drinking a Corona right now.
3. Chicks: I miss my chicks. They're so funny--I miss their smiles.
4: Cat: I don't miss the damn cat. She's only around when she's hungry.
5. Clown: I hate clowns. Seriously. I mean, really, does ANYONE like clowns? I don't think so.
6. Coconut: I just bought some new coconut lotion and I really like it. I love the smell of coconut. I like to eat it, too. I damn near almost ate my arm this morning--it smelled so good.
7. CD: I'm in...
8. California: ...shooting a CD. Woo-hoo fun. NOT.
9. Coffee: It's taking a lot of coffee to keep me awake to listen to these bumbling fools they call engineers.
10. Continental: I'll be flying home tomorrow!

and....just because I love you all, and I can't possibly leave him off the list,
0. SMM: I can't wait to see him (you may address him as Mr. C)

May 22, 2006

There's no place like home

Okay, I'm holed up in Cupertino, CA working my butt off. I'm ticked because (a)I have to be at work at 7am (b)I have to be at work at 7am (c) I have to be at work at 7am, and d) BECAUSE i have to be at work at 7am and work until 6 or 7, then work for my other clients after that, I have NO time to do anything fun. I have a nice friend that lives close by (Hi Sally!) and I can't even call and get together with her because I'm too busy working. :(

Plus, I miss my chicks and SMM!!

May 17, 2006

Conversations with Jenna

--This is from a while back, but it cracks me up everytime I hear her say it.--

Me: Okay, Jen, it's your night. Pick a movie.
Jen: I want the rest of the cats.
Me: Huh? What?
Jen: I want the rest of the cats.
Me: The rest of what cats?
Jen: NO! I want the rest of the cats.
Me: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Jen: Mooooom! The.Rest.Of.The.Cats.
Me: [blank look]
Jen: This, mom, THIS![holding up a movie]
Me: Ah, "The Aristocats."

She always asks for "The rest of the cats," no matter how many times I get her to say A-RIS-TO-CATS.

May 16, 2006

I scream, you scream...

then mommy screams because "What is that?! Is that ice cream?! Chocolate?! That's her NEW DRESS!!" and Jenna sits quietly, sucking out Spider-Man's gummy eyeballs.

This, this mess, was what I found when I went to go pick the chicks up from their dad's last night. Needless to say, there was a "hosing of the children" before they got into the car...

May 12, 2006

Almost Elton...

but a whole helluva lot cuter.


This week from Kristine:
1. Something you have 2 of.
2. Something you wish you had 2 more of.
3. “Two”.

1. 2 glass-thingys with corks in 'em (and 2 kids in the background).

2. A girl can always use more shoes!

3. "Two"

May 10, 2006

Photo Scavenger hunt

1) Sports
2) Danger
3) Blue
4) Outdoor furniture
5) Trash can
6) Pool
7) Sold
8) Overkill
9) Larger than life
10) What is it?

You interpret them. Play!

May 4, 2006

My "big-girl toddler"

Below, you will find a portrait of Clairey, my big-girl toddler--or so she says. She is, as they say in "mommy speak," "nummy, nummy, delicious." If you so feel compelled, you may send money to her college fund.

Notice there is not a picture of the larger child. That's because Miss "I-will-not-take-a-picture-because-that-would-imply-that-I-have-cooperated-with-an-older-and-wiser-being" didn't want to.

May 2, 2006

Borrowed from my friend Al...

a list of 20 things that make me feel good:

1. Little hands in my hair
2. Kisses from my babies
3. A clean house
4. No laundry
5. Watching the kids play together (without killing each other)
6. Good wine
7. Pedicures & massages (it's a package deal)
8. Being told I look beautiful when I've put in the extra effort
9. Slow dancing
10. Laughing hard
11. Remembering the good times
12. Listening to the girls sing
13. Hugs from my mom
14. Important conversations with my dad
15. Mind-sparking conversations with anyone
16. A good book
17. Beautiful words
18. Attention (the good kind)
19. Snuggling with the chicks
20. Finally taking a good poop, when you've had to go for a while. (Don't gross out, you know you like it.)