Dec 13, 2006

Rampin' up

I first typed, "Trampin' up," but really that's not correct. It COULD be more fun, but that's not what i'm talking about here. That's the OTHER blog. bwahahahahaha... I'm talking about Christmas. I have started the shopping, thought about the baking, started making the food shopping list, and have cringed at the thought of having everyone scrunched into my teeny little house. It's always fun though! This year's sure to be much happier than last year. SMM and I are much better adapted to life this year. I don't believe this Christmas will be spent shedding tears. Unless we run out of wine. Then the tears will fall. Or, if I don't get the sock-monkey slippers that i've been coveting (Target, by the socks--HINT HINT). I'm so sly.

The shopping for the girls is almost complete--next week i'll be on the hunt for a "Little Mermaid" dress-up set for Clairey, and then just stocking stuffers! Whee! I also need to buy a gift for each of SMM's offspring. Then there's my dad, my sister and her husband, my brother and his wife....Okay, so maybe i'm not close to complete. That's okay--I'm off from the 18th until the 2nd. So much time, and so little money. Me and my bestest friend will be having some good friend time, and shopping up a storm next week.

I'm giddy. Maybe it's because I've ingested nothing today except for coffee and Sugar Smacks....