Aug 10, 2009

Falling into a career

SMM and I were just chatting the other day, about how strange it is that I believe i've "found" my career. I guess it's strange because I actually went to school to be an editor, and here I am (again). Although, THIS time, I get to be a copywriter, too, but editing and copywriting seemingly go hand-in-hand.

My first editing job was basically right out of undergrad--in 1997, I begin tech writing and editing (and doing tons of other crap) for a downhole drilling company/manufacturer. I then moved on to editing SAP stuff for various corporations, then on to HP as an editor. While at HP, I went back to school and got my Master's in English. After 8 years of editing, I moved to project management (for documentation, mostly). That was fun--I loved it, but I missed editing.

While PMing, i kept up with the editing through contract work and such. Then, lost my job. I quickly picked up editing on a more part-time basis, and now, have been rehired at my old company as an editor/copywriter. It seems like my career has come full circle. I got to try out something new, and ended up back with what I love most.

So, I find it both comforting and strange, all at once, that editing/copywriting is what i'll be doing until i retire. I'm happy with that.

Aug 6, 2009

My husband's not as cute as Joe Jonas

I know, it's sad, right? The small child confronted SMM and told him, "You're not as cute as Joe Jonas." He was crushed. No, not really. I think it's hilarious. I like to remind him of that.

On another note, apparently Clairey can do whatever the hell she wants, as long as she follows it with: "And that's how 'The Clairey' does it!" Next time she pulls that, i'm going to spank her and say, "That's how 'The Mommy' does it! Woooo!!! How you like THEM apples???"

And even more crap: The chicks' stepmom and I are taking them to the Jonas Brothers concert next Friday night. I'm not sure what we've gotten ourselves into, but I, for one, am frightened. I wonder how many moms are going to let their young girls dress like whores, hoping that one of the Jonas Bros will fall in love with their little darling. I know I am.

Just kidding. Jeesh. I'm going to totally use this opportunity as a lesson in how NOT to dress because, "See that girl over there? See how much makeup she has on? See how short her shorts are? What do you think of her? Ah huh...she looks skanky doesn't she? Do you want people to think YOU'RE a skanky girl? Then NEVER DRESS LIKE THAT!!!"

It's all about utilizing the situation at hand, people.

Aug 4, 2009


I have a jooooob, I have a joooob!! And guess what? It's right back at my old company! YAY!!! Can you tell I'm excited?

So, get this: I'm out of work for six months, and over that time, I have 2 interviews. I get a job, and the day I start, I get 2 emails asking me for interviews. As my friend said, "That's Murphy's Law for the working girl." Amen, sister.