Oct 28, 2009


Every night, I read to the girls from a selected chapter book. Right now, it's "Harry Potter and...." I don't know...whatever the second HP book is--I'm too lazy to go look right now. Anyways, I love this time with them--all snuggled up in the bed, reading to them, knowing their imaginations are at work. It's some good stuff.

Monday night, we were squished into Clairey's bed, reading, and getting all snuggly, and she cut the cheese. Jenna and I heard it before we smelled it. Then it was awful.

"Holy cow! Did THAT smell come out of that little butt??" I screamed.
"YES!" giggled Clairey.
"Ewwww....I totally tasted it," said Jenna.

Girls. They're so...adorable.

Oct 23, 2009

And...MORE Claireyisms...

I'm seriously going to have to compile these into a book. This kid just does. not. stop.

Last night, we were going through her sightwords before she went to bed. We get to 'as'. Now, the first time we got to this word, she tried to sound it out, and ended up saying "ass" and giggling hysterically. So, this second time, I show her the word and say, "Remember: It's a sightword. Don't sound it out, because if you do, it's a bad word." She sat there and looked at me with a blank stare. Finally, I said, "It's AZ, Clairey."
"OH," she said, "I was about to say 'piss'."

Oct 7, 2009

Working it, baby

I generally don't post about my workout routines (or my lack thereof), my weight, or anything in that arena. But let me tell you: P90X is HARD. Seriously. If you look back through my posts from...oh, 2005, I was working out 4x a week and thought it was tough. That was COOKIES compared to this. I just hope that at one point, instead of working out and thinking, "Holy crap this guy's trying to kill me," I'll think, "Yeah! This feels great." Until then, i'm going to have to hire someone to carry me around the house--because I can't move.