Nov 20, 2009

Tito---you know you missed him

Here are Tito's annual Halloween pics (a tradition to be started NOW). For those of you that are new here, Tito's a Sphynx aka a hairless cat. We lovingly call him "El Gato Muy Guapo." He has a large Facebook following. He feels like velvet or a chamois. Very soft. Very snuggly. Yeah, a little Yoda-ish, but we love him. Plus, how many of YOU can blow raspberries on your cat's belly without getting a mouth full of hair? Yeah, that's what I thought.

El Gato hamming it up for the camera

Singing "Senor Don Gato"--he's such the performer

And just posing. He knows his good side.

My favorite things

320 Sycamore is having a "Favorite Things" party, and i'm joining in the fun! Here a few of MY favorite things:

Origins Ginger body smoother: the smell! Oh, i want to eat it straight out of the tub. It smells absolutely wonderful, and leaves your skin oh-so-soft.

Chanel No. 5: Classic. Not too overpowering; just a soft, powdery scent.

Jane Austen novels: I love every. single. one.

Pine Sol: Yes, I'm OCD. The first step is admitting it. :) I LOVE me some Pine Sol!! Love the smell!

My babies: No, you can't have them.

Godiva Pumpkin truffles: Droooool!! These are my absolute fave! Seasonal though, so you have to stock up in Oct/Nov!

The Vintage Pearl: Gorgeous, handmade jewelry at reasonable prices!

Covergirl Outlast lipcolor: The ONLY lipstick that has ever truly stayed on me. Apply in the morning, and it's still on after I take my shower at night! I wear "Naturalist 545." Perfect color for my oh-so-pale skin and semi-red haircolor.

Nov 18, 2009


Ignoring the fact that they have their heads tilted so far to the side that they may, at any given moment, snap off--they are the most beautiful children ever.

Nov 13, 2009

Totally not PC

On the way home from gymnastics last night:

Clairey: "Mom, am I deaf?"
Me: "No, you're just REALLY 'hard of hearing' in your left ear."
Clairey: "So am I 'special'?"
Me: "Yes, sometimes you act 'special.' [laughing quietly] No, you're not 'SPECIAL', but you ARE special because you're you."
Jenna: "I'm blind."
Me: "Yes, because you take after your father--you are practically blind."
Jenna: "So together, me and Clairey are like Helen Keller!! [insert sounds of me laughing hysterically] Blind AND deaf!"

Nov 10, 2009

Little Biscuit is now a bonafide gymnast

Clairey is now a GYMNAST. My sweet little biscuit...a gymnast. She was moved to the "Mini Mights" (the youngest girls team) on Saturday. Technically, she's in there on a 3-week trial basis, but we all know she'll be in there for good. Her regular coach already told us (me and her stepmom) that her skills are better than some of the girls in there. Rock on, little girl. We love you so much and are SO proud of you!!

In other news, the chicks' stepmom finds out the gender of her unborn child on Nov. 20th. I'm rooting for a girl. I need a baby girl to gnaw on. My chicks are getting too big to effectively munch on--at least without complaints. Send "girl" vibes her way....

Nov 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Hermione and the Countess Dracula

I vant to suck your blood!

With Hogwarts in the background...