Jul 27, 2011

Entertainment gold

She goes by many names: The Clairey, The Munch, Bit, Pumpshkins, Little Bit... She is more than a 7-year old kid--she is entertainment GOLD, I tell you. I mean, look at this kid:

See that ring on her legs? That's because she spent 30 minutes on the crapper reading. AND SHE LET ME TAKE A PICTURE! I was all, "Ha! You have a toilet ring on your butt! Let me take a picture." And The Munch was all, "Ha! Okay!!" Then stood there. Hello? Awesome kid. And that sponge in her hand? She was cleaning the tile on the pool. Because it was FUN.

She's too much. At the grocery store last night, she let out this huge sigh. I ask, "What's up?" and she comes back with, "Oh, nothing. I could really just use a pina-colada right now." As she sits there, leaning against the shelves of organic peanut butter in her gym leo, hair in pigtails, and bar chalk all over her forehead.

At the moment, she's in theatre camp. See how I spelled 'theater' there? Yeah, you like that don't you? I don't like spelling it -er. Looks too harsh. ANYWAYS, they're doing Annie, and Bit got the part of Molly. She's going to rock that part. And you know why? Because she's a freakin' scene stealer.  She was running around the house this morning, yelling, "You'll clean this dump, 'til it SHINES like the top of the Chrysler Building!" and then she asked me how to act drunk.

Entertainment GOLD.

Jul 18, 2011

Clairey's camp journal

Clairey attended her first week-long camp from 7/10-7/15 2011. It was called, "Messy Munchkins," and was about an hour from our house. She stayed in a treehouse, with no air conditioning. All spelling and punctuation is exactly how she wrote it.

I <3 U mommy. You are The Best! [then there's a picture of a tooth and a heart] In The showr, my tooth got rely loos! <3 <3 <3 <3 :) :)
Mommy and Wewe I am haveing so much fun. it is asume. what are you doing? <3


I <3 U Mommy. I am haing so much fun! <3 kiss kiss woowoo Jass hans hans hans! to night i saw a coper head :( I donot like this camp i hate it 

*The "kiss kiss" thing is our 'special' kiss. We kiss twice, then say, "woo woo!" then make jazz hands and say, "jazz hands!" The "hans hans hans" is her doing the echo of "hands." Yeah, we're crazy.

Mommy last night when i was going to slee I herd screeming I ran out my tree hous and ran in the cichin. an ges what ther was a coper head! bnana cild it with a hoe and then they berid it and then we livd hapaly ever after! <3

* "cichin"= kitchen. She has trouble distinguising Ks and Cs, because the C in her name makes a K sound. "bnana" is her counselor, Banana. They all have fake names.

Mommy i have little bups on my stimmick and they ich. I <3 U!

*She got heatrash all over her back and stomach (stimmick).

I <3 U mommy I am so glad we are going home! I <3 U

All in all, she had a great time, and said she wants to go back next year. She's a sweaty little thing, so we'll probably send her to Camp Misty--where they stay in ac'd cabins.