Jun 28, 2007


Scene: Jenna is in Claire's bed with her, and Clairey is whining because I won't lay down with them and let her play with my 'cold hair.'

Jenna: Here, Clairey. My hair's cold--you can play with my hair.
Clairey: I don't want to play with your hair--your breath stinks.
Jenna: It doesn't stink, i just brushed my teeth!
Clairey: Yes, it does. It smells like....cow.
Jenna: Like cow?
Clairey: Yep, it smells like veal.

Jun 27, 2007

Now THAT'S cheap

I'm too lazy and too cheap to go get my hair cut, thus, I am growing it out. Let's see how long it lasts. It's already grown over the top of my ear, which is quite long for me.

Jun 25, 2007

Summer's here...

and the time is right, for dancing in the streets. Sorry, just had to get that out.

Summer, is, indeed here. It's hotter than hades, and since it's been raining for nearly 2 weeks, it feels much like a rain forest. The sun comes out just long enough to scorch the flowers into wilting, black stems, then it pours on them for a few hours. Nice.

So, the summer's nearly halfway over, and non of my fabulous plans to be a fabulous mother and give our kids a fabulous summer have come to fruition. Well, we did wrangle them up and get them to the museum 2 weeks ago. That was awesome. Would have been better if it wasn't raining, but I digress. We were able to catch a peek of the sun, so we hurridly found a picnic table that wasn't floating in a sea of mud and pollen residue. After sitting everyone down, we unpacked our picnic lunch. A cute little squirrel moved in closer to have a look. I threw him a chip. He loved that chip so much, that apparently, he telecommunicated his love for the great chip to about a thousand birds and fifty other squirrels that came upon us like a bad horror flick. The kids were screaming with excitement, I was grossing out, SMM was laughing, and the birds were all, "I heard there were chips. Where are the chips?" In a supreme effort to contract rabies, I was hand-feeding the squirrels. They're little teeth are so cute. And no, none of them bit me. A bird, however, was pecking at my Nike. Bastard. So we're not sure exactly how much food went towards the kids' lunches, and how much went towards feeding the wildlife of Houston, but it definitely tipped over to the wildlife side when we opened the full bag of Lay's potato chips. SMM played pied-piper for a while: carrying the bag of chips, whilst leaving little crumbs on the ground behind him and creating a feathered and furred trail of creatures begging for high-sodium snacks. The kids got a kick out of it.

We then ventured over to the museum, where we luckily got in right before it began pouring. $45 later, we all have tickets to the Museum of Natural Science. Seriously, I could fart, call it "Natural Science," and THAT'S free...but NO, they wanted dinosaur bones. Jeesh. We had a good time, but keeping up with four kids in a place where there are thousands of things to see is a bit beyond our scope as new "parents of four." Claire was in a whiney/crappy mood, so she wanted me to carry her. Cripes, the kid weighs 32lbs. That gets heavy after a while. Plus, she was wanting to play with my hair, so I was lugging her on my left hip, then she had her hands in my hair, pulling my bangs down into my face rendering me sightless. --sigh-- Good news is, we all got out alive, and will most likely do this again.

This Friday, the girls and i are hopping on a plane to San Diego to visit my sister. It's a total girls trip: me, the chicks, mom, and my neice. It's going to be a blast. Poor SMM will be at home, eating Ramen noodles, no doubt; watching several uninterrupted hours of mixed-martial arts. We're going to miss him!

Jun 5, 2007

Conversations with Jenna

Last night, as I'm getting her out of the bathtub:

J: "Mom, why's your butt so big?"
Mom: [eliciting evil staredown] "Jenna! That's really not a nice thing to say!"
J: "Well, I don't mean your WHOLE butt...but your butt cheeks...why are they so big?"