Jun 5, 2007

Conversations with Jenna

Last night, as I'm getting her out of the bathtub:

J: "Mom, why's your butt so big?"
Mom: [eliciting evil staredown] "Jenna! That's really not a nice thing to say!"
J: "Well, I don't mean your WHOLE butt...but your butt cheeks...why are they so big?"


Anonymous said...

My mom used to blame her extra weight on me...it was all my fault that I wouldnt let her go work out because I would throw tantrums. Just blame it on her...she'll remember it her whole life.


monocerdo said...

HA HA! Oh man. This really makes me want to have kids. I love it--that's wonderful. xoxo.

Amy said...

Classic Jenna answer . . . gotta love that kid!