May 27, 2009

Interview...whatever the hell number i'm on now

So I had another interview yesterday with the company that I really don't want to work for but said i would if they showed me the money. Turns out that he asked how much i wanted and i told him an obscene number and he didn't even balk and wants to meet with me again next week. Problem is, i'm not sure it's worth it. The hours are 8-5, which, yes i know, is normal. That means a few things for me. Let's review, shall we?

1) I won't have snuggly-time in the morning with my babies, unless it starts at, like, 5am.

2) I don't know how in the hell we'd continue doing swimteam. There's no way we could make practices.

3) I wouldn't get home until 5:45pm. That means, i'd basically make dinner, wash the kids, and put them in bed. :(

4) I'll have to pay for daycare for two. OUCH. (Once fall starts, and both are in school, I'll have to pay for before and after school care. Again: OUCH.)

Let me make something clear: even though i've worked from home for the past nearly-five years, Clairey has always gone to the sitter's. It's impossible to get anything done with her here. Jenna hasn't gone--she gets home from school at 3:35, and reads/does her homework until we go get Clairey at 5.

I'd have to drop the kids off at the sitter's by 645/7 to get to work by 8. That means i'd have to get them up at 545 to get them ready/fed, etc.


I'm trying not to worry until the place actually offers me the job, but i can't help it.

May 19, 2009

The 1980s Hellhole Redo (Part 3--things in progress)

There are always remodels in progress in this house. I just go from one room to the other, tearing shit up and hoping little elves come and decorate/redo it when i'm sleeping.
Here are the "halfway-dones" and "in-progresses":

Formal living room: the only thing "formal" about it, is that there's a piano in there (which i totally loooove). I love the color--just needs a ceiling fan; some nice, wide blinds, and new accents (like new lamps and such). The room isn't "done," but it's okay for now. It needs a rug.

And...there's a picture of Jenna when she was 4 months old. It needs to be replaced, but i just haven't gotten around to it...
The formal dining room:
Painted "oak cask," and i LOVE it (how many times am i going to say 'love' in this post? Probably a lot.) I was contemplating taking down the picture rail, but i've decided i love that, too. The 1980s golden lamp? Notsomuch. Also, what i'm not showing you, is that there is a refrigerator in there, a parson's chair that i ripped apart, and some paint cans. I'm so sly. Again: halfway done.

Work in progress:
The stairway. This is the most hideous stairway you will ever see. Seriously. It's awful. I started peeling paint, and just kept going. Like I said, i like to tear shit UP. This is the next thing that will have to be made "liveable."

The 1980s Hellhole Redo (Part 2--kitchen)

One of the reasons we bought this house, is because we fell in love with the kitchen. By the looks of it, it was taken out of the 70s and introduced into the 80s by the previous owners. I only wish i had a close-up of the wallpaper...think "Miami Vice" but with a floral border. Seriously, wtf? The tile on the counter was done by a one-armed blind man. There's no other explanation. If we were setting down a wineglass, for instance, we had to ensure that it was on a "level" tile. Jeesh.

And the redo (yay!):
Still have to get a new dishwasher...

And look--now there are curtains (and different chairs!):
I love how the sunlight comes through this material--it makes it feel all nice and warm in the breakfast area.
My oregano and basil--growing like crazy!
Had enough material to reupholster some chairs to match! (and make a few coordinating toss pillows in the living room).

More to come....

The 1980s Hellhole Redo (Part 1--living room)

Okay, so i've posted pics up of the house remodel before. The thing is, is that it's SLOW going. I mean, damn, what were these people thinking?! So, without further ado:

The 1980s Hellhole Redo (Part 1)

The living room: I have no pictures of when we first moved in, because i was hyperventilating in the corner somewhere. But, here's the earliest pic I have. I want to say this was Day 2 we lived in the house.

(note: built-in shelves/cabinets on TOP of the hearth. Really?? I mean, seriously, people. Mantel that weighs more than my eldest child. Straw-yellow, painted paneling.)

Redo #1. Liveable, yes? Am i happy with, NO. I hate the beams, hate the brick, and the more i look at the wall color, the more i don't like it. I did, however, get rid of that paneling. I did a plaster-treatment right over it. Worked like magic, and gives it a beautiful old-world feel. Plus, i haven't found curtains i like.

Final redo: Buh-bye nasty beams! Wooo!! Also, we CENTERED the ceiling fan in the room! Also switched the furniture from the other living room to this living room. Painted the walls a darker color, added crown molding, and LOOK at that fireplace! We paid someone to rip out beams and sheetrock the top half of the fireplace. My husband did all the tilework and crown molding. Isn't he amazing? Yes, i think so, too. I'm thinking about artwork for over the tv.

May 18, 2009

Conversations with Clairey and Jenna

So, apparently, my chicks have been discussing things behind my back. Keeping secrets from ME--their ever-loving mommy. Behold, the conversation of Friday night:

Clairey: Mom, Jenna has a crush on Joe Jonas.
Me: What? Jen?? (acting shocked, because...well, because this is what i do.)
Jen: No i don't!! CLAIREY!! No, no mommy, no I don't! Clairey has a crush on Colton.
C: [giggling hysterically]
M: Whatever. Clairey, you don't even know what a 'crush' is.
C: Yes, I do.
M: okay, what is it?
C: I don't know. But Nicky has a crush on Jenna.
M: Hmmm...really? Nicholas?
J: [sighing] Yeessss. I don't know why.
M: Because he thinks you're preeeettttyyyy....ooooo....Nicky!!
J: Mooom! HE has a crush on ME, i DON'T have a crush on him.
C: [making 'air quotes'] AaaWKWaaaaRD...

May 15, 2009


Bills are paid through the 15th. SUCCESS! :)

May 14, 2009

Here we we we go again

So, i have interview #2 with the company that i did the marketing spiel for on Monday. I don't WANT to work for them, but i will if they offer me a good salary. I just have this feeling that they're not as flexible with time as i'd need them to be.

I POTENTIALLY have another interview sometime on the 19th. The lady emailed me last week, but said she was on vacay from the 13th through the 18th, and that she'd contact me on the 19th. I'm hoping that THAT goes well, and that it pays well, and that they offer me the job. It's a job that offers telecommuting, and that's what i need/want.

In the meantime: car payment, insurance, and utilities due on the 15th. Anyone feel like shelling out a quick g? anyone? anyone??

May 7, 2009

Finally working...somewhat

Alright, so my ex-place of employment is paying me to contract. It is a meager wage compared to what I was making, but if we can survive on nothing but Ramen noodles and hotdogs, it MAY pay all the bills. Let's just hope it does. I rather like my house. And water. And that new-fangled "electricity" that's all the hype these days. So, it's nothing but nasty noodles and "lips and assholes" (to borrow from the brilliant John Candy) for us until I can make some real money.

I will ease all your pain by letting you know that it's not NEARLY as meager as the $1.00 per article that i was getting for editing SEO stuff. Now THAT, my friends, is ridiculous. And they publish some el-crapo stuff.

I just signed up for Cobra, too. I hadn't up to this point because I figured that surely, SURELY, i'd have a job by now. [Excuse me while i laugh hysterically.]

I had yet another interview yesterday, which, in retrospect, the company that i interviewed with should be paying me for said interview. They don't have a marketing sector, so he basically brought in all the shit they've been mailing out (and it is SO horrible), and asked me how i would rework it. He also sent me home with a bunch of stuff and asked me to rework it and give him some ideas. So, I will. But i will also be slapping copyright shit all over it so if they don't hire me but steal my ideas, i will sue his ass. See how that works? I'm only nice if it's to my benefit. I'm really a cold-hearted bitch. Just kidding. I'm not. Well, not really.

SO, here i am. Hoping that this contract work will eventually turn back into a full-time, well-paying job.

I miss my housekeeper.

ETA: Oh, and get this: IKEA just sent me a letter that says they're lowering my credit line. You know what i have to say to that?? "F-You, Ikea. I fart upon you and all your cheap furniture." I'm never shopping there again. Assholes.

May 4, 2009

Life Updates

* You may tweet me at stewbie2

* I still don't have a job, and i'm not being picky about it. I'm about to dumb-down my resume.

* My old place offered me contract work--at a measly $25 an hour. Seriously?? I have no choice but to take it.

* I have $100 in my checking account. $40 in savings.

* Where's MY bailout?