May 19, 2009

The 1980s Hellhole Redo (Part 3--things in progress)

There are always remodels in progress in this house. I just go from one room to the other, tearing shit up and hoping little elves come and decorate/redo it when i'm sleeping.
Here are the "halfway-dones" and "in-progresses":

Formal living room: the only thing "formal" about it, is that there's a piano in there (which i totally loooove). I love the color--just needs a ceiling fan; some nice, wide blinds, and new accents (like new lamps and such). The room isn't "done," but it's okay for now. It needs a rug.

And...there's a picture of Jenna when she was 4 months old. It needs to be replaced, but i just haven't gotten around to it...
The formal dining room:
Painted "oak cask," and i LOVE it (how many times am i going to say 'love' in this post? Probably a lot.) I was contemplating taking down the picture rail, but i've decided i love that, too. The 1980s golden lamp? Notsomuch. Also, what i'm not showing you, is that there is a refrigerator in there, a parson's chair that i ripped apart, and some paint cans. I'm so sly. Again: halfway done.

Work in progress:
The stairway. This is the most hideous stairway you will ever see. Seriously. It's awful. I started peeling paint, and just kept going. Like I said, i like to tear shit UP. This is the next thing that will have to be made "liveable."

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