May 19, 2009

The 1980s Hellhole Redo (Part 2--kitchen)

One of the reasons we bought this house, is because we fell in love with the kitchen. By the looks of it, it was taken out of the 70s and introduced into the 80s by the previous owners. I only wish i had a close-up of the wallpaper...think "Miami Vice" but with a floral border. Seriously, wtf? The tile on the counter was done by a one-armed blind man. There's no other explanation. If we were setting down a wineglass, for instance, we had to ensure that it was on a "level" tile. Jeesh.

And the redo (yay!):
Still have to get a new dishwasher...

And look--now there are curtains (and different chairs!):
I love how the sunlight comes through this material--it makes it feel all nice and warm in the breakfast area.
My oregano and basil--growing like crazy!
Had enough material to reupholster some chairs to match! (and make a few coordinating toss pillows in the living room).

More to come....

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TitanKT said...

Okay... "Miami Vice with a floral border" nearly made me cry!

Also, WOW it looks SO GREAT now! Excellent.