May 14, 2009

Here we we we go again

So, i have interview #2 with the company that i did the marketing spiel for on Monday. I don't WANT to work for them, but i will if they offer me a good salary. I just have this feeling that they're not as flexible with time as i'd need them to be.

I POTENTIALLY have another interview sometime on the 19th. The lady emailed me last week, but said she was on vacay from the 13th through the 18th, and that she'd contact me on the 19th. I'm hoping that THAT goes well, and that it pays well, and that they offer me the job. It's a job that offers telecommuting, and that's what i need/want.

In the meantime: car payment, insurance, and utilities due on the 15th. Anyone feel like shelling out a quick g? anyone? anyone??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HAHA- do you hear the crickets on that question? We're all fricken ass broke! -NAN-