Aug 21, 2007

New house. Kind of.

Well, we closed on the other house yesterday. At the moment, and until August 31st, i am the proud owner of 2 houses. Right after we closed, we drove over to the new house. "New" to us, but built in 1975, so nearly as old as I am. Things looked much dirtier than i remembered. I guess when you move out all the furniture that was in there, you can see how shitty the paint job was (indeed, quite shitty), and how dirty the carpet is (ick). Then you REALLY start looking around, and you notice how MUCH needs to be repainted and how MUCH needs to be redone, and then you also realize how much money this is going to take and start to imagine the size of the nervous breakdown you're going to have. Oh well...i still love the house; it's just going to be more work than i originally anticipated. I'm going over there tonight to start cleaning. And by cleaning, i mean i'm whipping out the old toothbrush and the bobby pin so that I can clean every crevice in the floor. Hey, there will be NO dirt in that house that is not MY dirt.

I'm definitely looking forward to it, though. I love cleaning, and I'm excited to make this house mine. You know what i'm NOT looking forward to, though? Cleaning the bottom kitchen cabinets. The ones over the counter are okay, but the ones that are on the bottom?...ewwww...for some random reason, they just gross me the hell out. Funny thing: SMM was checking them out, and under the contact paper is what must be the original contact paper from the 70s. It is quite a sight. I'll have to take pictures.

The carpet/flooring man is coming on Wednesday to give us a quote on new carpet and hardwood floors. I'll feel much better when i feel like i can walk barefoot in the house, you know? It's not like the carpet is nasty or anything, but you can see dirt around the edges--know what I mean? The carpet that's in the living room is berber, but it's really worn, and apparently, was installed by a blind carpenter.

The wallpaper in the kitchen is SO Miami Vice. It's white, textured, and has these little grey/turquoise/pink designs on it. It rocks beyond explanation. In order to try to kill the feeling that you must put on a grey jacket and skinny tie when you enter the kitchen, the previous owners felt the need to put up a totally non-matching flowery border along the top. NICE. It's like, when generations collide, or something. It's so ugly, you can't even be mad about it. I just laugh. Oh, oh...and the countertops...oh my. They're white tile, and the man must have been blind with only 1 limb. HORRIBLE. Again I laugh. Ha ha ha.

But seriously, this house is major. I love it!

Aug 15, 2007

August update

I am a shitty blogger. Wait, no, I am essentially a non-existent blogger. I have gone from blogging every day, to blogging once a month. I suck. I know the three (?) people that read this blog have felt lost without me. Ha!

So, the month of August has been a tumultuous month, and will continue to do so well into the month of September, that will eventually turn into October, then November, and dammit, i'm not going to have a break until mid-January sometime. Cie la vie (an homage to Monocerdo--see, i can speak French, too! No, not really.)

In this lovely month of August, I have not only been living, albeit barely, in the horrible climate of Houston (read: sweltering hot with a thick layer of humidity), but I have been battling the "i'm-trying-to-get-everything-ready-to-move-into-a-new-house" demon. Financing, paperwork, more paperwork, more financing, home inspections, blah, blah, blah. Fun? No, not really. Exciting? Oh, yes. Very. However, with the prospect of moving into a larger, more suitable home for my expanded family of 4 children and a husband, comes the daunting task of packing up all the shit i've accumulated over the past 6 years of living in this house. The following has been packed: the linen closet, which contained much more varied things than linens, including, but not limited to collectable Barbies, artistic stamping sets, random pillowcases, games, about $250 in leftover material from various attempts at sewing, and hundreds of gift bags which i always promise myself i'm going to reuse, but never do. It was a mess, but I digress. The large bookshelf has been packed, which proved a few things: 1)I have a lot of books, 2) books are heavy, 3) that is where all the boxes went. To books. My books. Many of them. Oh, other things have been done. The plastic margarita glasses have been packed. The girls' toys have been put in plastic garbage bags. I have cleaned out under the bathroom sink and the bathroom closet. You would not believe how much crap I have accumulated over the years. 10-year-old lipstick. Seriously. WHY? And every free makeup gift bag that Clinique has offered in the past 7 years. Under my sink looks naked.

In other news, my chicks are doing splendidly in gymnastics. They both got moved up to higher levels. I'm so proud (insert big smile here). The step-sons are also doing great--we only have them for 2 more weeks this summer, then we go back to the every-other-weekend thing. I think we've all gotten used to the organized chaos of four kids in a 1700sq ft house, so it's really going to be quiet when we have to give them back.

IN other news, Jenna starts kindergarten on the 27th. Listen for the sirens.