Aug 10, 2011

Camaros and cooties

On the way to drop Clairey off at theatre today, a young kid in a 1980s-era Camaro was beside us at a light. That thing had huge meats on the back end and a exhaust system that cost more than the car. It was LOUD. Clairey just sat there, in her princess booster seat, looking out the window.

"Why is that car so loud?" she asked.

"See all those pipes coming out the back, at the bottom? That's why."


The light turned green, and we were off. The rapist-mobile got caught behind some cowboy in a huge dooley. I saw the kid come around the truck--then he started speeding up. "Here he comes...." I said. And about 5 second later, he goes speeding by us. Clairey audibly sighed, "WHY do boys do that?!"

"Because," I said, "some boys are just dumb."

"I understand, mom." [Big pause] "They also have cooties."

She's so matter of fact.