Jan 25, 2011

No grandbabies for me

SMM man came home from work early yesterday, because he didn't feel well. He has a cold. He went to bed early yesterday afternoon, and stayed there for about 19 hours or so. Then he got up, and as soon as the girls got home, he went back upstairs. So,  I told the girls, "Be quiet, SMM just went back to bed."

Clairey: "BACK to bed? Is he dying?" (not sure if she was being sarcastic or not)
Me: "No, he has a cold."
Clairey: "Why don't you stay in bed when you have a cold?"
Me: "Because mommies don't get to do that."
Clairey: "I don't think i'm having kids."

I love this kid! I'll wait to explain the "man cold" to her when she's a bit older.

Jan 20, 2011

Alas, poor Ken...

...I knew him well.

I found Ken on the floor--his dead, plastic body face-up. I think it's easy to conclude that Edward (yes, this is he of 'Twilight' fame) veered from his "deer" diet, attacked Ken, left him for dead, then decided to take a relaxing bath with his favorite rubber ducky.

I believe the Barbie girls are off shopping. Jeesh, what a mess THEY have to come home to.