Apr 11, 2013

Almost finished! (FBtF)

Are you guys sick of hearing about breastcancer? I know I am. SO...i'm happy to say that my 2nd-to-last hurrah with the plastic surgeon will be on May 24th. I really didn't think building a new set of boobs would be this much work. Of course, it's not like i had ever had a mastectomy before, so it's all new.

THIS surgery will involve 'tidying things up.'  When you have a mastectomy, they remove all your breast tissue, so the remaining skin is quite thin. When you have the tissue expanders removed and the implants put in, everything is still swollen, so the new set looks Pam-Andersoney (plump and huge). As the swelling goes down, you start to really see how thin the skin is, and thereby, you start to see the implant. And...implants have wrinkles. Even though I have high-quality silicone Amazing Fruits in my chest, you can still see 'waves' at the top and in my cleavage because of the thin skin. SO...Dr. Boobenstein will be fattening those babies up. He'll be taking fat from my upper/inner thighs and the top of my hips and transferring it to my cleavage line.

If it were up to The Munch, he'd be taking fat from my butt. According to her, my entire butt is fat. That kid is lucky she woke up this morning.

It's a simple process. My biggest worry is that it's going to cut into my workout time/ability...again. Seriously, those 3 months of NOTHING killed me. But, the good news is, not working out won't kill me, and now, neither will my boobs.

Looking forward to when this is all behind me, and i'm just left with Amazing Fruits.