Mar 30, 2010

More Clairey...

The other night, she looks at SMM and asks, "Do you want 'hello' or 'goodbye'?" Wherein, "Hello" and "Goodbye" are her fists. Nice. She followed that with an emphatic, "Ohhhh, yeeeaaaahhhhh!"

Mar 24, 2010

I can't win. But either can you.

I'm having one of those weeks where I just feel overwhelemed. Working full time, mommying full time, taking care of everything. I'm sure every mom has these days/weeks--where all you do finally catches up to you, then you get all pissy because you feel like you do everything. Then you realize that even if someone were to offer help, you wouldn't want them to because this is YOUR job. And, for instance, even though cleaning the cat litter is YOUR job, you still get pissy when you come home and it smells like pee because no one else cleaned it. Although, if someone else DID clean it, you'd be even more pissy because then you'd feel like they were secretly saying, "CRIPES. Can't she even clean the cat litter??!!" See? You just can't win.

And--i forgot to take the garbage out this morning. Which, technically, isn't my job, but I still do it. And get angry with myself when I forget to do it.

And then i look at the budget and cringe. Where does all the money go? Bills, bills, and more bills. After all is said and done, i have $900 a month left. Out of that money, has to come groceries, gas, savings money, and any and all incidentals. I spend, at the very least, $400 a month on groceries, and $80 on gas. That leaves me the HUGE sum of $420 for incidentals like, pictures, medical/dental expenses, anything we need for the get the picture. I just spent $45 on a haircut (which i haven't done in MONTHS) and feel purely evil. Ay yi yi...sometimes, you just need to bitch. And I do, and I will. Because in bitching, comes truth. After I read this, I will realize that i need to suck it up and get over it. I am not, and will never be, the only one in this situation. I have a JOB. I have a roof over my head. I have food on the table. I have two little ones that I adore more than life. I have a husband that hasn't killed me. Yet.

Mar 8, 2010

Where's your pocket protector?

I've noticed that there is a huge double standard going on with kids. Why is it that, if you have a child who does well in school/makes good grades/likes to learn, read, etc. that they are labeled a "nerd?" Why do people think it's acceptable to make fun of these kids? Of course, people will say, "Oh, I'm just kidding..." but WHY is it okay?

Let's say there are two children at a table. One does well in school, learns easily, and likes to learn new things. The other child has a more difficult time at school, is in remedial classes, and school just doesn't come so easily to them. Why is it "acceptable" for a person to look at the "scholastic" child, and "kid around" with them by saying, "Nerd!" "You're so nerdy!" "Hey, where's your pocket protector?" What makes THAT kind of chiding acceptable? Wouldn't it be horribly ugly and rude to look at the child that has trouble in school and say, "Stupid!" "You're so dumb!" "Hey, where's your dunce cap?"

My question is, why is there such a double standard? Just because it's a smart kid doesn't mean that the kid's feelings won't be hurt. Why start labeling them at such a young age? Be PROUD that your child does well in school, that they love learning, that they love to read and engage in scholastic activities. I'm having a hard time understanding why people think it's okay to make fun of these kids. Who the hell came up with that? I mean what, exactly, is the thinking behind this? "Oh, that kid's smart! She/he does great in school! Rather than watch tv or play video games, she/he would rather read/play a board game/write a story! Let's make fun of him/her." I mean, really. WTF. How awful is that???

What are we setting our kids up for? If you work hard in school and make great grades, people are going to make fun of you? Set the bar lower because people won't expect much of you and will leave you alone? Seriously? THIS is how people want to raise kids? This is how people want to parent?