Sep 10, 2015

Le Munch is 12

Oh, Munch. HOW I LOVE YOU. My whole heart adores every bit of you. Those freckles, those eyes, that contagious laughter. You are love, light, and happiness in true form.

As ever, you are the most loving kid. You still climb up into my lap and every chance you get. People have just accepted that you are often with me--no matter where I am.

Wait, who am I kidding? You're ALWAYS WITH ME. Kid, I can't even poop without you sitting there. I mean, come on, man.


I still love you.

Rarely unhappy, you bring laughter to all those around you. Bad mood? It's okay, The Munch is here. Awful day? No problem, The Munch is on her way.

Those beautiful, maple-syrup eyes are so full of sparkle, that people are automatically drawn to you.
And I can't blame them. You love people, and happily spread that love through hugs. When you enter a room, there is always a happy chorus of, "Munch!!" As a mom, that just makes me happy. Of course, i'm happy that people like you, but i'm even more happy that people recognize you for what you are: JOY.

Indeed, you are the happiest kid I know.

Please always let that smile lead you.

Please always see the light in people.

Please always laugh.

Please always know that Life Is Good for so many...because you're in it.

Happy 12th birthday, my little pumpshkin!

I love you all the stars,

And i leave you with....The Llama Song.