May 7, 2009

Finally working...somewhat

Alright, so my ex-place of employment is paying me to contract. It is a meager wage compared to what I was making, but if we can survive on nothing but Ramen noodles and hotdogs, it MAY pay all the bills. Let's just hope it does. I rather like my house. And water. And that new-fangled "electricity" that's all the hype these days. So, it's nothing but nasty noodles and "lips and assholes" (to borrow from the brilliant John Candy) for us until I can make some real money.

I will ease all your pain by letting you know that it's not NEARLY as meager as the $1.00 per article that i was getting for editing SEO stuff. Now THAT, my friends, is ridiculous. And they publish some el-crapo stuff.

I just signed up for Cobra, too. I hadn't up to this point because I figured that surely, SURELY, i'd have a job by now. [Excuse me while i laugh hysterically.]

I had yet another interview yesterday, which, in retrospect, the company that i interviewed with should be paying me for said interview. They don't have a marketing sector, so he basically brought in all the shit they've been mailing out (and it is SO horrible), and asked me how i would rework it. He also sent me home with a bunch of stuff and asked me to rework it and give him some ideas. So, I will. But i will also be slapping copyright shit all over it so if they don't hire me but steal my ideas, i will sue his ass. See how that works? I'm only nice if it's to my benefit. I'm really a cold-hearted bitch. Just kidding. I'm not. Well, not really.

SO, here i am. Hoping that this contract work will eventually turn back into a full-time, well-paying job.

I miss my housekeeper.

ETA: Oh, and get this: IKEA just sent me a letter that says they're lowering my credit line. You know what i have to say to that?? "F-You, Ikea. I fart upon you and all your cheap furniture." I'm never shopping there again. Assholes.

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Texas Ghostrider said...

I hope work turns around for you soon, Good luck!