Nov 10, 2009

Little Biscuit is now a bonafide gymnast

Clairey is now a GYMNAST. My sweet little biscuit...a gymnast. She was moved to the "Mini Mights" (the youngest girls team) on Saturday. Technically, she's in there on a 3-week trial basis, but we all know she'll be in there for good. Her regular coach already told us (me and her stepmom) that her skills are better than some of the girls in there. Rock on, little girl. We love you so much and are SO proud of you!!

In other news, the chicks' stepmom finds out the gender of her unborn child on Nov. 20th. I'm rooting for a girl. I need a baby girl to gnaw on. My chicks are getting too big to effectively munch on--at least without complaints. Send "girl" vibes her way....

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Anonymous said...

oh wow! you steph, i've read how much you like the kids step mom, and i'm SO glad for that. congrats on the new i'll put in my wish for a girl!