Aug 10, 2009

Falling into a career

SMM and I were just chatting the other day, about how strange it is that I believe i've "found" my career. I guess it's strange because I actually went to school to be an editor, and here I am (again). Although, THIS time, I get to be a copywriter, too, but editing and copywriting seemingly go hand-in-hand.

My first editing job was basically right out of undergrad--in 1997, I begin tech writing and editing (and doing tons of other crap) for a downhole drilling company/manufacturer. I then moved on to editing SAP stuff for various corporations, then on to HP as an editor. While at HP, I went back to school and got my Master's in English. After 8 years of editing, I moved to project management (for documentation, mostly). That was fun--I loved it, but I missed editing.

While PMing, i kept up with the editing through contract work and such. Then, lost my job. I quickly picked up editing on a more part-time basis, and now, have been rehired at my old company as an editor/copywriter. It seems like my career has come full circle. I got to try out something new, and ended up back with what I love most.

So, I find it both comforting and strange, all at once, that editing/copywriting is what i'll be doing until i retire. I'm happy with that.

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