May 2, 2006

Borrowed from my friend Al...

a list of 20 things that make me feel good:

1. Little hands in my hair
2. Kisses from my babies
3. A clean house
4. No laundry
5. Watching the kids play together (without killing each other)
6. Good wine
7. Pedicures & massages (it's a package deal)
8. Being told I look beautiful when I've put in the extra effort
9. Slow dancing
10. Laughing hard
11. Remembering the good times
12. Listening to the girls sing
13. Hugs from my mom
14. Important conversations with my dad
15. Mind-sparking conversations with anyone
16. A good book
17. Beautiful words
18. Attention (the good kind)
19. Snuggling with the chicks
20. Finally taking a good poop, when you've had to go for a while. (Don't gross out, you know you like it.)


titankt said...

Yes, I can relate to #20... also known as #2. The kind where you literally feel lighter afterwards. That's a good poop.

OCSally said...

yep...nothing like a good #20

DWJSDating? said...

Some good ones that I forgot on my list. I agree with #20 - it does feel good!

Nan said...

What the hell....where am I on the list. That's it, I'm not coming home.