May 13, 2005

Friday morning haiku

Welcome to the "Friday morning haiku"!


Fridays are no good
I am tired and cranky
because I didn't get any sleep last night because there was too much screaming and crying and more screaming because the chicks couldn't sleep with mommy in her bed because mommy said "no" because she was tired and wanted the bed all to herself with no little feet crammed into her neck.

Oh, wait. That last line was more than 5 syllables.

Let's try that again. Different subject, maybe.

Tall, coffeepot man,
I glanced at your coffee cup.
Please, clean the damn thing.


LosingSanity said...

My Friday haiku:

Friday morning blues.
Will the weekend never come?
The day is too long.

My favorite work haiku:

Still don't have clue?
Too bad I don't do magic
Or I could help you.

void said...

Holding your ground isn't easy is it? I remember someone saying , "If you don't take control - they'd be happy to '".

TGIF - have a great ( and restful ) weekend !!!