May 16, 2005

Pomp and more pomp

My smart, best-friend cajoled me into leaving my kids with her on Saturday rather than taking them to my graduation. After sitting in rows of black-caped graduates for FOUR hours, I believe that was the right decision. I was number 684. SIX-HUNDRED and EIGHTY-FOUR--just in case you didn't understand the number. Grad students went last, so there were, you know, 600+ undergrads before they even got to me. Thank God for cell phones. I was horribly bad, and from the graduation floor, called my brother (to tell him to secretly deliver me a sandwich) and then called my sister in New York.

Let's see...the fun parts of the day:

*Proving to myself, once again, that I have literally NO sense of direction, as I steered my car towards Victoria, Texas, when I was supposed to be going downtown.
*Finding out that I had a Bachelor's hood, rather than a Master's hood. I kicked someone's ass in the bathroom, and stole her hood. There was some screaming and clawing, but she gave in pretty easily. Nah, I just walked up to the table and said, "Excuse me? I think this is the wrong hood," and they gave me the right one. Nice people.
*Standing up for an hour in heels. SO pleasant.
*Slipping in the hallway while walking out to the auditorium, on a huge soap-spill. Because you know, there are ALWAYS random soap puddles in the hallway--I should just learn to watch out for them.
*Not eating lunch, therefore, going from 1030am to 6pm with NO FOOD. By the time I got to walk across the stage, I was nearly delirious with hunger. When the president handed me my diploma cover, I nearly (a) bit his arm and (b) threatened, "There better be a fucking sandwich in there!"

The best part? Seeing how proud my parents were. I wouldn't have even gone through all the pomp and circumstance for myself, but that moment was purely for my parents.


steelcowboy said...

Congratulations! Your parents should be proud, you've made quite an accomplishment.

Robin said...

Yay for you!! I didn't walk when I got my Master's, mostly because of the kids. I kind of regret it now. Congrats to you for a job WELL done!!

Karyn said...

Congrats Steph! I'm very proud of you!

On a completely unrelated (or maybe not) topic ... do you know there are advertisements for fart machines on your site? Niiiiccceeee. ;)

void said...

Steph, I'm with your parents - smiling and proud of you. Burn this moment in your mind!!

Anonymous said...

Steph, did you wear the white heels with the black scuff marks? hahaha.

jeni said...

steph!!! congrats! can you believe you're done??!!

so when do you start your phd? (snicker snicker) :)))))

Lisa said...


MammaG said...

WOOHOO!! Way to go!! Color me green.

OCSally said...

Conga-Rats to YOU!!!