May 10, 2005

Conversations with Jenna

Recently, we came to own some temporary tattoos. This is the first time she's ever had one, and she loved it, but it didn't last very long on her super-dry skin.

Me: Hey, sweetie, what's wrong?
Jenna: Mommy, I'm VERY disappointed with this tattoo. It's not staying on.
Me: Well, it's not going to honey. It will eventually all come off.
Jenna: Can I get a real one?

We had to make a stop at the local pharmacy to pick up her prescriptions for her ears. As we were leaving:

Jenna: Can I drive?
Me: No.
Jenna: Please, please, please! I wanna drive!
Me: Um....NO.
Jenna: Wwwwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyy? (if you're a parent, you know EXACTLY what that sounds like)
Me: Well, let's see. One, you can't see over the dashboard; two, you can't reach the pedals; and three, it's against the law. If a policeman saw you driving, they'd take me away for being a bad mom.
Jenna: (contemplating this in her head) Would you come back?
Me: Eventually.
Jenna: Can I drive?


Reza said...

She must be a sweetie.

steelcowboy said...

Children keep us young, haven't you heard that? ;)

Lisa said...

Why do I get this funny feeling the teenage years are gonna be very interesting around your house. :)