May 17, 2005


Clairey has this lamb that she sleeps with. It's actually Lambchop, from Sherry Lewis fame. She loves it. Last night, I said, "Okay, lie down with 'Lamma'," and Claire says, "No, no 'Lamma'." So I say, "Clairey, 'Lamma's' tired, lie down with Lamma and go night-night." "No," Clairey says, "Dannee."
"No. No, 'Dannee'!"
"Yes, Danneeee."
"Your lamma's name is 'Danny'?"
"Yes, Danneeee."

Then, she proceeds to tell 'Danny' night-night, kiss his nose, and lie down. Of course, I was thinking, "Where the hell did she come up with that?" and I'm thinking of all the Disney movies embedded in her spongy brain, and I can't come up with one "Danny" in any of them. Scott got home from taking Jenna to gymnastics (bwhahahahahahaha...)and I said, "So, Claire decided that 'Lamma's' name isn't 'Lamma' anymore--it's 'Danny'?"
"Yeah, I have no idea where she got that."
"Like, 'Uncle Danny'?"

*ding, ding* Enter music from Twilight Zone.........

Scott's Uncle Danny was killed on the USS Forrestal. Scott has a tattoo on his left arm, comemmerating his uncle. Strange, eh?

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Anonymous said...

She should have named the lamb Sandra Scott. She always remind me of lambchop for some reason. Sandra the lamma.