Feb 15, 2005


I just went to the break-area to get a fork for my yogurt. Actually, it's a spork. Boob-looker was exiting the hallway as I was walking in, carrying my spork, and he says, "You wanna fork me?! Well, fork you!"
"What?" I asked, knowing very well what he said. I just wanted to know if he was idiot enough to repeat it. He was.
So he repeats, "Ha, ha, ha! I said, 'Fork ME?! Well, fork YOU!' Ha, ha, ha!"


If this was one of my cool, co-worker friends, that would be acceptable; however, this is nasty boob-looker guy, and that's just disgusting. First off, any kind of sexual conotation spewing forth from his pie hole is just revolting; second, he's old enough to be my father. Sick. I can totally picture him pulling up to a kid and saying, "Hey little girl...wanna cookie?"

Even the mere thought of forking him is a forking nightmare. In retrospect, I should have turned around with a smile and said, "Fork off, asshole."

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