Feb 2, 2005

Go to sleep, already!

You know, I just don't feel the sarcasm today.

I've been sleeping like total ass lately. I keep waking up, and not being able to fall back asleep. Last night, I had a dream that Claire fell off the toilet, banged her head on the floor, and passed out. I called the doctor and the nurse kept telling me that she was okay--even though the back of her head was flat. Claire was also walking all crooked. Weird dream, I know. In that same dream, I also attended a middle-school and a gymnastics competition. Oh, and I got my laptop fixed, too. I multi-task, even in my dreams. At least I'm not dreaming of Claire laying eggs and dopplegangers popping out of them. Not that I know anyone who dreams of that. Not even my sister Shannon.

Apparently, Jenna has some pretty vivid dreams too. She cries out a lot in her sleep. I normally wouldn't hear her, but since she's STILL SLEEPING ON MY FLOOR, I hear every damn peep she makes. She spent a good portion of last night crying and whining in her sleep. Guess she dreamed we were out of Dora fruit snacks or that her sock was on wrong. Both of which, are deemed as tragedies in her book.

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