Feb 24, 2005

And the word of the day is...


(Thank you, Dollywood, for introducing me to this lovely creation of the human language.)

Excerpts from "dongle" documentation:

--Dongles and dongle-like devices
--Item 2.4 discusses the dongle "set speed"
--Installation via dongle
--If you've installed the dongle incorrectly

A dongle is actually a physical device that attaches to your computer's parellell or USB port. My question is, how did the person that came up with this technology actually CALL it a 'dongle'?? Was this person serious? I have to admit, it's pretty damn funny, but a 'dongle'?

I'll bet, wherever that engineer is, he goes by "Mr. Dongle."


Ailyn said...

little bit better than "pigtail", theother common term for similar thingy's. Obviously, i just call them thingy's.

Grubby said...

Don't you remember "dongle" from your RWD days? The poor dongle is practically useless these days but I'm glad to see you're keeping such a beautiful word alive. Your gift to the English language.