Feb 28, 2005

Freak-ass dream

I have the most f'ed-up dreams. I don't know if it's because I get, on average, maybe four hours of sleep a night, or what. Last night, my dream involved:

-A really cute guy, named Preston, that drove a restored Chevy Malibu
-Me wanting to initiate a threesome with Preston, and Scott
-Scott actually AGREEING to have this threesome
-Me, Scott, Preston, and Preston's girlfriend at a Greenday concert
-Scott being given a stage pass and getting so excited, he can't breathe
-Scott giving Preston's girlfriend another pass, and Preston trying to hit on me while Scott and his gf are gone
-Preston's gf sliding down the stair-rail, falling, and busting open the back of her head
-Calling 911, Scott holding her while she's dying, then she decides to get up and take a shower and change her panties before EMS gets there

No, I take no kind of recreational drugs. Can you imagine if I did?

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