Feb 25, 2005

Fo' Shizzle!

I "gizoogled" my website for all ma beotches! Here's my profile:

The pigs is here, baby. And they is evil.

`bout Me

My nizzy is Stephanie E fo' sheezy Townsend. I wizzon't tell you what tha 'E' stands for. I like ta kizzy you ho-slappin' . Aint no killin' everybodys chillin'. I live in tha pimpin' metropizzles of Houston, Tx with the S-N-double-O-P. I'm married ta a hunk of a man, named Scott, n from mah loins hizzy sprang two beautiful baby bitchez--jenna n Claire. Coz I'm a miznom, I rap `bout poop, puke, blunt-rollin' n boobs quite a bit , ya feel me?. I work full-time as an editor, tizzy I git hizzle friznom W-to-tha-izzork n stizzay tha second-shift. I use serial commas n sometizzles I use tha semicizzle incorrectly. I received mah BA in English frizzom SFA in 1996. SFA stands fo` Stephen F. Austin, but it could possibly stand fo` Shizzay F-to-tha-izzart Ass. I received mah MLA from The University of St. Thomas in 2004. No crude jokes `bout UST--it's a Catholic school, n I dizzay W-to-tha-izzant ta go ta hizzay . Keep'n it gangsta dogg. There's lots of shiznit on here . They call me tha black folks president. Some of it may not makes a whole lotta sense, but hey, it doesn't have to. My rappa posts is untitled, but I tried ta gangsta tizzle just ta keep some semblance of crazy ass nigga around here fo all my homies in the pen. I like dizzy cherry coke, twinkies, n ballin' mah life wit otha coz, hizzy it gives me a bootylicious bitch'n audience n shit. I spend a lot of mah tizzle chillin' mah eyes n spitt'n out sarcastic comments.


racheldg said...

A little bored today, Steph? Fo shizzle. lol

Grubby said...

Did you write it yourself or did you use a special trizlanzator?

stewbie2 said...


ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

You rock. Do you mind if I link your blog?

Linda said...

You've gotta try that with Nick Jr!
I nearly injured myself laughing!