Feb 15, 2005

The produce section has just become a fun place

I don't know anyone that calls the female reproductive organ the "vagina." Except for my college biology prof, that is. Everytime he said it---"as the sperm enters the VAGINA"---I would have to stifle my laughs. Not that I'm a prude, well kinda, but that word: VAGINA. It's hilarious. And you can't just say vagina, you have to stretch the i: Vuh-gEYE-nuh. Together now: Vuh-gEYE-nuh. Isn't that fun?

As I was saying, I don't hear the word vagina a lot. Not that it SHOULD come up a lot in normal office conversation, but in general. Kids definitely don't say it. Can you imagine hearing a 2-year old say, "Mommy! I'm done going pee-pee! Come wipe my vuh-gEYE-nuh!" It's just unpleasant to hear. That's why there is an array of different words to describe it.

I've heard just about everything: tee-tee, tushie, privates, boo-boo, bee-bee, pookie, pee-pee, and the list goes on. I have never heard anyone call it what I do: a peachie. That's right--a PEACHIE. I don't know where that term came from. I think my grandma came up with it. All I know, is that everyone in my family calls it that, and to us, it's just normal. I use it in regular conversations with my friends without even thinking about it. I don't even realize i've said something unfamiliar until I get the blank stare, then I just give them an explanation.

Peachie is such a non-assuming term, that several of my friends have adopted it and use it in their homes. Pretty soon, "peachie" is going to take the world by storm.

Everybody gimme a 'whoop, whoop!!' Peachies are in the hiz-ouse!!

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Dollywood Bound said...

Just got my March Cosmo, and found this out....

Fifty-three percent of women feel uncomfortable using the word Vagina. There are more than 1,200 slang terms for the vagina. Six creative Cosmo readers share their faves: Coochie Coo, Cookie, Party Palace, Zsa Zsa, Princess Puss, and Putty-Tat.