Jan 18, 2005

Two of a kind

stewbie2: omg, I'm starving.
angel : Are you not eating?
angel : I had a peanut butter and Banana sandwich for lunch
stewbie2: Oh, no. I'm eating, I'm just still HUNGRY. I had two frickin bowls of lettuce for lunch, and a bag of trail mix. DAMN the lettuce!! It digests way too fast!
angel : That sounds good. I want a chicken lettuce wrap from PF Changs.
stewbie2: that sounds good, too. Right now, I would like Twinkies. Twinkies are so good.
angel : I LOVE Twinkies!!!!!!!!
stewbie2: Twinkies are the food of God. Instead of communion wafers, you should get communion twinkies.
angel : Amen sista

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