Jan 24, 2005

It's cold in the doghouse

I am SO in trouble. I don't know why though. Ok. Yes, I do. I spent $50 this weekend. You know, I NEVER spend money, then when I do, I get in trouble. Scott was slamming the doors and being short with me. Shithead.

Okay, so I didn't need new shoes, but there was a SALE, people! A GOOD sale! I know I bought shoes on Friday, but on Sunday, I went back. I got a rockin' pair of purple ankle boots for $10. Oh yes, TEN DOLLARS. Don't let the color scare you: they're a deep, deep heathered-eggplant color. They're gorgeous. Regularly $59.99. Claire needed new shoes, too. She got pink suede tennis shoes. They're adorable, and they make her run really fast.

Men. They just don't get it.

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