Jan 24, 2005

Get kids off the streets

Me: Did you buy any girl scout cookies?
Scott: Yea, I bought 2 boxes. Why?
Me: Okay, I bought some, too.
Scott: How many?
Me: 10 boxes...
Scott: No you didn't. You're kidding right?
Me: No. I bought 10 boxes.
Scott: You bought THIRTY-FIVE dollars worth of girl scout cookies?!
Me: Uh, yeeesss.
Scott: Why do we need $35 worth of cookies?
Me: Hello...I had to buy thin mints, samoas, peanut butter ones, shortbread, and those new chocolate-covered animal cracker things. Geesh!
Scott: Woman, what's your problem?
Me: Get off my back. I'm supporting America's youth. Besides, they freeze well.

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