Jun 2, 2005

Good to be home

Oh, the joys of a new job. No time, too much work, too much to learn, and really, what the hell am I doing? It's always SO DAMN FUN.

I flew into Colorado on Tuesday morning, flew back to Houston Wednesday afternoon. The plane ride was hot, loud, and too long. Much like how sex should be, but in fact, I was no where near getting any, and instead, was sitting next to an old man that snored loudly.

I stayed in a fabulous old hotel, that was indeed old, but thankfully, had been renovated, and slept in the most comfortable bed ever--Nearly rivaling that of the Four Seasons. However, I slept not a wink. I was checking the clock every 30 minutes for no apparent reason, other than I hate sleeping alone, the place smelled funny, and there was no shoe-molding. That bothers me a lot. I hate unfinished flooring.

Colorado is gorgeous--I was right by CSU--and the weather was fantastic.

Things I learned in Colorado:
- The airport is big. Really big.
- Old hotels smell funny. (This could be true outside of Colorado as well...)
- People wear shorts, even when it's 60 degrees out.
- Limo drivers named "Tony," drive over the speed limit.


steelcowboy said...

Wasn't the "OVERLOOK HOTEL" from Stephen King's THE SHINING" an old hotel in Colorado?
"Here's JOHNNY!"
Sorry... glad you're back young lady. Missed your posts!

Robin said...

LOL, I thought of "The Shining" too!

Welcome back!

void said...

Soooo , glad you're back!

Red Room, Red Room, Red Room ...

Sandy said...

I just moved from Colorado Springs to Germany last summer..oh man I miss that state!