Jun 15, 2005

Just babbling

My mom came over last night. My mother is a nut, but good Lord, I love the woman. My chicks ADORE her. Seriously, there's no other way to explain what they feel for their "Gamma" than to say they ADORE her, in all caps. Now THAT'S ADORATION. You know it's serious when I bust out the caps.

The first thing I do when my mom shows up, is check out her chosen ensemble for the day. Mom could quite possibly win "Best Dressed" and "Worst Dressed" simultaneously. One day, she will show up wearing an impeccable 3-piece suit, the next day, a dress that my sister and I have dubbed "the big bird dress." Let's just say, it's yellow, and it's fuzzy. I can't go into further explanation, as it pains me to think about it.

So, I check out mom's ensemble: black pants, red sweater shell, vest with an apple motiff. Okay, I wouldn't be wearing the apple vest, considering that it's the same pattern that adorns a quilt I own, but since my Grama made it, I'll let it go. Let's call it the "sentimental-value apple vest." The thing that really cracked me up though, is that she slips off her black shoes, and she's wearing white, tube socks. WHITE TUBE SOCKS. I didn't even ask, because that's just her. The explanation would have been, "Well, you can't SEE them!" She cracks me up.

The kids swarm her, showing her all their stuff like it's brand new:

Jenna: "Gamma, close your eyes! NO PEEKING!"
Mom: "Okay!" --closing her eyes--
Jenna: --holding up the movie, 'Shrek' in front of her face (the first one. the one that came out, like, 5 years ago.)-- "Okay, LOOK!"
Mom: "OOOOOOOO!!!" --with looks of admiration/shock/surprise--

My mom: the actress. Like she hasn't seen that movie ten-thousand times since my children were born.

Next thing she knows, she has a Winnie-the-Pooh puppet on her hand. When my mom plays with the Pooh puppet, he sounds like Barry White. I often get nervous with the Pooh puppet around the chicks, because he's all: "Mmmmmmmm....I like honey...mmmm..hmmmm..." It's kinda creepy--the Barry-White Pooh. But the girls love it. Not that the "Disney" Pooh we all know and love would growl and attack a toddlers throat, but that's what the kids like, so my mom does it. The eruption of giggles that come of that is just awesome.

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steelcowboy said...

LOVE, manifested in a Gramma and her grandkids.. ain't it great?