Jun 6, 2005

Conversations with Jenna

"Mom, can you see my oovoola?" (Opening mouth really wide.)
"Your what?"
"My OO-VOO-LA." (Again, opening mouth.)
"Your 'uvula'?"
With total exasperation, "YES! The little hangy thing in the back of my throat?!"

She keeps looking exasperated, while I continue to spasm with silent laughter. Just hearing "uvula" come out of a 3-year-old's mouth is hilarious.


steelcowboy said...

Hearing it? I kain't even spell it!
Kids - ain't they great for keeping us smiling?

Colleen said...

Like they say "out of the mouth of a babe" My 8 year old says things that just crack me up. I am gald I stopped in to say hello.

void said...

That's a pretty smart kid, Steph!