Jun 16, 2005

Party Planner

Father's Day is Sunday. I think it's important that the girls decide what to do to make his day special. So, I asked Jenna, "What do you want to do for daddy for Father's Day?"

Looks like we're making him a cake, having a Spider Man party, and buying him a bike.

Beats the hell out of a tie.


void said...

I hope that Spider Man Party doesn't include underoos? If it does, we need a picture ! ;0)

steelcowboy said...

Mike.. ewwwww... :)
He's a lucky dad!

Colleen said...

Oh no pics please. This fathers day is the first true one for my guy. My daughter always made him happy Joshes day cards for fathers day before but he isn't her dad. Now he has little Katie, im so excited for him. We are going to a nice resturaunt for the day. I hope you have a fun day as well as the rest of the dads here on blogger land.

Robin said...

Will there be a pinata as well?? :-)

Radin said...

Hope you all enjoy it. Please do post apicture.