Jun 29, 2005

He scares me

Scott, bless his heart, is an incredible man, but sometimes, his ideas scare me.


Today, we put the inflatable pool up for the girls. We pulled up in the driveway, and were discussing where to place it--being that there's no shade in Texas. We have a rather large patio awning in our backyard--it's very nice--so I suggested that we just leash the beast (Jim, the dog), and put the girls' pool back there. His idea?

Scott: "Man, I wish I had a tarp."
Me: "Huh?"
Scott: "Well, I was thinking, I could back in the truck, tie one side of the tarp to the tailbed and the other to the garage door and we could put the pool under that."
Me: *staring in stunned silence*
Scott: "What?"
Me: "Yeah, that's a GREAT idea. Can we be any more WHITE TRASH?"

Git yer spit cup and your cheery Skoal, Skeeter! Throw up that thar tarp, and put the young-ins in the pool. Let's shotgun a Coor's and eat us some squirrel. What? We're outta beer? Well, throw little Annabelle in the pickup and let's go to Walmart. Don't worry--just leave her in her diaper--she don't need no shoes.


void said...

lol !

twisted panties said...

Do I know you or something? I could swear you are telling stories from my childhood.

Sarah Graham said...

What is your new email address?

stewbie2 said...