Feb 21, 2006

What's wrong with Cyril?

Have you guys ever seen "Maisy"? As in, "Maisy mouse," the children's animated cartoon character and storybook friend? No? Oh really, you must--you MUST. The show is crudely animated, or is it that the characters are just crudely drawn? They look as if a third grader took a Sharpie and tested their animal-drawing prowess. None of the animals, be it Maisy, Tellulah (a bird), Eddie (elephant), or Cyril (the alligator) speak--but they make noises and a happy-sounding, male narrator tells us what they're saying. It's so very nice of him. Well, all the animals make little squeaky sounds EXCEPT for Cyril. Cyril is....special. Cyril sounds like a confused drunk. A REALLY confused drunk. He's all, "da duh...aba du da do?" Which means, "Hello, Maisy. May I borrow a cup of sugar?" or perhaps, "buh ba boo? Da ma nuh ba noo?" Which translates to, "How are you? I'm fine, thanks." Cyril has taken one too many hits off of Maisy's special lemonade. What the hell's wrong with Cyril?

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Titankt said...

Oh, if I'd been drinking some of Maisy's lemonade while reading your post it would've come out my nose!

Yes, I am (so very) familiar with Maisy... and that theme song that sticks in your head like proverbial super glue. I don't know what's wrong with Cyril, though.

I want to know what's wrong with Hamilton (the pig, haha!) on Maggie's Giant Beast, or whatever the name of that show is... and Miffy. Yeah, cute little CENSORED bunny with the X over her mouth! Poor Miffy.

But, I really, really, really want to break out the wood chipper when Oobi is on. Oobi and Ooma and Grampoo!! GramPOO!! No real man on Earth would ever consent to being called old excrement! You know, like when the dog turds turn white in the yard! THAT is Grampoo!

Thank GOD my kid has outgrown Noggin... or is it that I just stopped turning it on for him?

He's a big boy now he likes Jetix on Disney Toon channel and goes around "shooting" and karate chopping. Power Rangers are dumb but not dumb like GramPOO.