Jan 30, 2006

The post that I started when I got back from NY, but then got sidetracked and forgot that I had started it until I just now found it.

My plane landed at 1am this morning. It was delayed because there was a light, rainy mist happening in New York, and apparently, that's a totally horrible thing, and all flights must be delayed. Meanwhile, at Houston Intercontinental, they're throwing planes out into a hurricane, "Look at that windshear! Woooo doggy! You don't even need that thar runway!"

The pilot also decided to take the longest route home to Texas. It took us 3 hours to get to NY, and 4 hours to get home. I don't understand what his realm of thinking was. Perhaps something to the effect of, "Let's see...the plane's already over an hour late leaving, it's rainy--bound to be some turbulence, the inflight movie sucks...I got it! Let's keep 'em on the plane as long as possible!" If this is payback for the flight-attendant joke I made a few years ago, I'm sorry. It's just, that, I don't think he MINDED being called a "stewardess." And I had a feeling that I might have gone too far with the panty-line comment. Again, I'm sorry.

Anyways, about 1/2 way through the FOUR HOUR FLIGHT, my leg started getting restless. No, not both of them, just one. My right leg. Seriously, that has to be the most annoying thing in the world. I have no leg room, and it's impossible to stretch when you're in the middle seat. By the time we landed, I was about to saw the damn thing off with a coffee stirrer--compliments of Continental. But I'm sure that if I would have sawed off my leg and carried it out, I would have been busted for having one too many carry-ons.

My New York trip was awesome--just what I needed--a little vacation and some time with my mom and sister. I NEVER get mom+sister time anymore, and let me tell you--I totally miss it. I'm so glad they talked me into going, because I needed that time to rebuild. You would think, with the three of us crazies there, that we would have painted the town red. Nope, not so much. I went to work with my sister on Friday, wherein I did such crazy things as make labels! and clean the storage room! Saturday, we shopped in Brooklyn (all damn day), ate at a kickass place called, "Pegasus" (where I ate entirely too much, but alas, was able to impress all the locals with my impressive breakfast-eating abilities), and then later, got sushi. But not before I was able to take some awesome pictures with my trusty 'ole camera. I'll have to post some later. That night, rather than going out and partying, we went grocery shopping, then watched movies. I told you---CRAZY. We DID try to make this blue-raspberrytini thing, but it ended up looking like that "1000 flushes blue" stuff that you put in your toilet, and tasted like rat poison. But I digress.

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