Jan 6, 2006


There are so many different kinds of friends: There is your best friend, whom you see (or at least talk to), nearly every day--this is the friend that buys you diapers, then delivers them to your house, because only SHE knows exactly how low you are on diapers when you say, "I'm low on diapers"; there is the best friend whom you don't see every day, but have an uninterruptible connection with--the one whom you "catch up with" over coffee and just want to sit on her couch all day, because her friendship feels so comfy; there is the "forever" friend whom you haven't seen in years--maybe you've talked on the phone a couple months ago, maybe you email semi-often, however, this friend will always be your friend, no matter what.

I count myself lucky to have all of these friends.

Thanks for the diaper delivery.

Thanks for the couch and coffee.

Thanks for the email and nice words.

You're all so important to me.

I forgot the most important friend--the sister. The sister who won't change a poopy diaper, drinks all your coffee, then calls you a 'bitch' but you gotta love her because she's blood.

Wow, this post was almost all serious.


amy said...

Friends are great! Thanks for being mine.

Nik said...

And what about your friend that is your sister's best friend? She know's you're a bitch, you know she's a bitch, therefore making us instant friends. What can I say, it all started at the Britany Spears concert.

stewbie2 said...

Yes, *sniff, sniff*, that's when I realized you were so great, Nik!