Jan 8, 2006

Conversations with Clairey

Setting: Mommy and Clairey, sitting in the armchair, watching 'Dora'.

Clairey: (holding up a Strawberry Shortcake pony) "Wass dis ponie stmell like?"
Mommy: "Ummm..." *sniff, sniff* "I'm not sure...I think green apples."
Clairey: "Geen appohss?"
Mommy: "Yeah, I think so."

(Claire takes the pony and bends it's legs back, then sniffs the pony again.)

Clairey: "Mommy! Stmell, stmell!!"
Mommy: *sniff, sniff* "Yep, green apples."
Clairey: "See? Pony's *peachie stmells like geen appohss, too!"

*insert "your" word for a girls private part.

This kid is trying to kill me.


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Hahahaha....i hate missing these moments.