Aug 4, 2005

A modest proposal--no really

Back in the good 'ol year of 1789 (I think), an Irish writer by the name of Jonathon Swift published a brief manuscript entitled, "A Modest Proposal." Now, Swift was a bit ticked off with his Irish brethren, and namely because he was Irish, he was ticked off at the English as well--you know, for good measure. However, he crafted this lovely proposal of why the Irish should eat their children. It's supposed to be a parody of Swift's actual proposals that he had submitted to the Irish parliament, but really, if I would have been alive back then, and I had stumbled across this proposal--that's just the excuse I would've been looking for.

I mean, check out the pudge on this kid! DELICIOUS.

*Can you tell I'm missing the kids today?


steelcowboy said...

Too cute!

Robin said...

Yumm-y! :-)

Jen said...

Save some for me!!!

void said...

Ahhhhh !