Aug 26, 2005

It's our thing

It's 7am--just got the husband and wee one out the door. I'm about to have to go get dressed, since today is Friday. On Fridays, I work from home, but it's also the day that Jenna and I go out to breakfast. There's this place up the street that makes the best pumpkin muffins ever. Jenna loves them, so every Friday, we have special "Jenna/Mommy time" and go have breakfast together. It's our thing.

Speaking of special things, every morning, when the little one leaves with daddy on her way to the sitter's, I get her special goodbye routine: first she smooches me on the lips, then an Eskimo kiss, then a butterfly kiss, then a hug with a big squeeze. It makes it difficult not to eat her all up.

Sometimes, I wish it could be morning all day.


void said...

You are just a GREAT mom. I like the special breakfast idea!

Golightly said...

those are very sweet traditions! too cute

steelcowboy said...

I used to take both my kids to do that, one with me every other weekend. It was special. I look back on those morning breakfasts so fondly. I'm guessin' you will, too.