Jul 12, 2005

What kind of mom...

Earlier today, I was leaving comments on Robin's blog, and it got me thinking...What kind of mom am I?

Let's see here, I'm the kind of mom who:
-Let's her kids switch seats in the booth by ducking under the table
-Routinely says, "Suck it up," when her kids are whining about nothing
-Laughs often, when trying to discipline. Really, if you can't beat them, then you should definitely laugh.
-Gives her kids a few chances to be "wrong" before she shows them what is "right"
-Believes that if another child hits/pinches/bites my kid, mine has all the right in the world to fight back
-Tattle-taling is something that kids should be punished for. Unless the end result could be death, you better figure it out yourself.
-Whining is just as offensive as being a tattle-tale
-Will still hold my kids on my lap when they're 30-years old--they will always be my babies
-Spoils these kids rotten with my love.

They're not all bad, right?


void said...

Whining was like fingernails on a blackboard to me. Most abberant or unsocial behavior was easily handled by a "look". It does bother me to see how many parents don't teach their children about appropriate public respect of others. You know, courtesy.

Steph, I'm certain you are a FINE parent!! Just because you discipline doesn't me you don't love. In fact, it means you DO love and are preparing them for life after mommy; responsible adult.

twisted panties said...

I think you sound like a great mom! I think when I have kids my style will be much the same.

Kathy Rooney said...

I see nothing wrong with you.
I agree with everything you posted and that is how I handle Erin.
How can I resist when she says mommy, i want to snuggle with you.
no wonder she goes to bed later that 8:30

steelcowboy said...

Sounds like you got it right...

Robin said...

Bingo, girlfriend.

Mona said...

Not all bad.

I think tattle-taling might be worth listening to on occasion. If a child has been wronged, they need justice to prevail. However, if it isn't anything that is unfair to them, then perhaps it's not so necessary.

Mona said...

But good luck getting them to sit on your lap as adults ;)